VERANO 2018 Cursos Intensivos de guitarra y ukelele Telf: 634 554 887
VERANO 2018 Cursos Intensivos de guitarra y ukeleleinfo@isaacbuendia.comTelf: 634 554 887 


Learn to play the spanish, acoustic or electric guitar from the big with the best methods of Modern method for guitar and Roberto Fabbri  



The courses are differentiated according to the type of guitar you want to practice and learn; Electric, acoustic or Spanish. Each course is divided into two levels, initial and medium in which you will learn the following content: 



- Guitar structure
- Position
- Tuning
- Reading notes and chords
- Tab
- The right hand
- Pick and fingers technique
- Open Chords
- Three chords theory
- Our songs and your favorite songs
... and much more.



- Major and minor pentatonic scales
- Major and minor scales
- Harmonics, intervals, triads
- Seventh Chords
- Chords nines augmented, diminished fourths and sixths
- Blues and Rock phrasing
- Our songs and your favorite songs
... and much more.




Sessions are held in the Centre of musical education to play. They are classrooms completely soundproofed, air conditioned and with amplifier equipment.


Adress: C/Ferraz 77

Subway: Argüelles Lines: 3, 4 y 6

Bus: 74 or 21